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Wildfire Season Rapidly Upon Us

Tuesday, 11 March 2014 17:15
Arizona Firewise, a cooperative effort of state and federal forest, wildfire and wildlife organizations, recommends the following tips:

Recent warm weather, dry conditions and a spate of brush fires on the outskirts of major cities of Arizona and New Mexico are prompting a year-round threat of wildfires.

If the home is on flat land surrounded by grassland, create a 30-foot defensible space zone around the home. If the home sits on a slope with adjacent vegetation that is dense or has tall brush, create defensible space of at least 200 feet.Prune trees near structures and remove excess ground fuels such as fallen needles, cones and branches.Pile firewood and other flammables well away from home and other structures.Keep access roads free of debris and vegetation to improve access and escape in case of fire.Clean debris from roofs and gutters.Consider constructing or renovating with fire resistant building materials.Review your homeowner's policy.

Contact our Arizona EMS Team for more information.
623-322-1908 or 877-811-6760